Saturday, 11 February 2012

Some hope...

Do you remember little Titã, the four-month dog that was buried alive in Brazil? I wrote about him in an older post and have been following his progress, as his case really moved me.

It has been a long road to recovery for poor Titã. When he was rescued, he was covered in mange and was extremely ill physically. It took him a few weeks to be able to walk and his eye must still be removed. But the main thing is that Titã is a happy dog today thanks to veterinary Viviane Cristina da Silva, who has been taking good care of him since he arrived at her veterinary clinic more dead than alive.

Titã knows that Viviane saved his life. He is so grateful to her that he cannot leave her side, and she even takes him to work everyday.

Titã and Viviane 'a happy couple' (Image:

Sometimes the world puts things right. Still, there is an obvious urgent need to establish more strict animal welfare laws in many countries. I, personally, just hope that the people who do this to animals find their own punishment sooner or later. 

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