Sunday, 28 October 2012

Random notes (III)

To Joaquín.

To a true friend.

It’s almost exactly ten years since we first met, and only one week since you left. The last ten years have flown by, the last week seems like an eternity. You always looked after me even if you didn't have to. You always accepted me just the way I am, and that I will never forget. I wonder what you're doing up there. Can you see me? Can you see us? I have no doubt you’re still playing the guitar like only you can do it. Hendrix and company must be very impressed with you. I carry so many special memories with me... I will never stop feeling your support and affection. Thanks for being my friend.

I can’t believe you won’t be there any more every time I go back home.

Sorrow can’t be put into words. 

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