Sunday, 18 December 2011

Manchester Christmas Market

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Manchester Christmas Market!

Once you step in, you will not be able to step back! Take the first street on the left. Can you smell it? Hmmmm… It is the smell of the tasty Bratwürste mixed with the mulled wine scent. Now turn right, where the craftsman is waiting. Observe all those perfectly shaped wooden toys. Can you hear that? Turn around, it is the sound of antique jewelry. But do not spend too much time, there is still much more to see!

The Christmas Market turns into a small, cosy village as you walk through its streets. Imagine that you are in a little townlet full of lined-up houses where you can buy food, drink, clothes, toys, plants and many other gifts. Like an air bubble in the heart of Manchester, deaf to the surrounding traffic noises, the Christmas Market has something special that makes you feel good. It may be the feeling of internationality, with a range of stalls representing various European countries – from Spanish chorizo and paella to German sausages or French cheese. Or it may just be the magical atmosphere created by the big, majestic Town Hall's shadow falling over the inhabitants of this tiny village.

And as the Christmas Market days draw to an end, above is Father Christmas, making sure that his guests are having a good time and are feeling at home.

Manchester Christmas Market on Albert Square

All things chocolate!

Beautiful antique-like Polish pottery

An example of the handicrafts in the market

Reindeer and penguins will decorate your garden in the New Year!

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