Sunday, 11 December 2011

Welcome everyone!

No, I could not wait any longer. Writing a blog was meant to be one of my New Year’s resolutions. It was my intention to tell the world (or at least those who become interested!) who I am throughout a series of more or less regular posts on my thoughts, interests and random ideas of any kind. Well, it seems I just could not wait to shout it loud!

Needless to say, I will first introduce myself. I am a young Spanish translator and interpreter, currently based in Manchester (United Kingdom). I first arrived in Manchester back in 2008 to study a Master’s Degree in Translating & Interpreting, and after that I decided to settle here as I was really taken by the city’s life and atmosphere.

I actually feel very passionate about all things related to the media and the entertainment industry, including journalism and the music business. Like most of the people of my age, I am deeply interested in cinema and love discovering new music everyday. I like reading a good novel, I am also fond of doing sport and am a true animal lover – I particularly have a weakness for dogs and own three dogs myself!

As the title reads, Me, Myself & the UK aims to give an account of any curious or interesting things/places I bump into in my daily life in this my ‘host country’, including anything related to music, gigs, books, films, funny or beautiful sights, events of any kind, the country’s cultural habits and customs, and so on. Making an effort not to fall into the boredom trap, interspersed will be any past memories, thoughts and all things me!

Now make yourselves comfortable and count down aloud……… I hope you enjoy the journey!

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