Friday, 12 April 2013

Latest music discoveries (I)

To me, a great deal of the magic of the Internet lies in the discovery of new and/or unsigned bands that, in most of the cases, are struggling to get out there and build a wider audience that recognises their talent. Isn’t it frustrating to see these committed artists give everything just to have the chance to be listened to, while sometimes less talented people are topping the charts? No need to say it all sadly depends on budget availability... but that’s another story! In the Latest Music Discoveries post series I aim to share the UK music gems I find on my way... just because they’re worth it.

This is the case of The Bedroom Hour. Precious melodies, a raspy voice and their heart on the palm of their hand, that’s all these five Londoners have left when they play one of their songs. So much so, that I believe the band’s slower, more melancholic creations have the power to bring light to any darkened soul out there.

Causing a range of emotions, their compositions are delicate and vulnerable, almost heavenly when played in acoustic. Through a combination of synth, guitar and well-written lyrics, "their mission is simple; to put the ‘credible’ into incredible music," as they themselves would say.

Ladies and gentlemen, have a listen to this inspiring band and don't dare say that these guys don’t have true potential. They do tick all the boxes to become one of the more accomplished bands in the UK, their repertoire ranging from more upbeat tunes to darker melodies, shining all the way through their brilliant acoustics.

Just listen to the following version of “Nocturnal” and you’ll see what I'm talking about!

You can listen to The Bedroom Hour on Soundcloud and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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