Thursday, 16 May 2013

Song of the month (XVI)

Only one week has passed since I came back from Spain but I’m already missing home after being there for three weeks. I miss the sounds, I miss the air and, above all, I miss the sun!

It’s the smell of wet dog fur, the smell of warm dust, the smell of a renewed childhood. Another hello, another goodbye, another lapse of happiness in my life.

Do you know when you’re having a really pleasant dream and then you wake up wishing it had never ended? Well, mine sounded a bit like this...

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  1. Hola:)
    Well, I'm not Spanish, but every time I visit Spain, I don't want to leave. And I don't mean Spanish beaches, I don't do that. I love Granada, Galicia, Navarra, mountains, and local people. I must have been a Spaniard my past life.
    That dream of yours sound pretty:)