Monday, 3 June 2013

Latest music discoveries (II)

Burning Condors’ distinctive, back-in-time sound immediately caught my attention the first time I listened to them.

What I admire most about band members Tommy (vocals), Matthew (guitar and backing vocals), Churchy (bass and backing vocals) and James (drums and percussion) is that they seem not to be influenced at all by any 21st century mainstream music trends, but instead enjoy diving into the rawest form of pure, black and white 50s rock excellence.

Having a reputation as one of the best live acts in the London scene, the rockabilly quartet have already been touring extensively both in America and the UK. Their unique blend of rock ‘n’ roll and punk, accompanied by some amazing vocals, results in a breath of fresh air that makes its way through most of today’s sound-alikes, having even given an extra ounce of angst to Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues”.

The band has already launched the two first singles of their debut album, Round Our Way, which will be released later in the year and will feature performances by some legendary guests, including Dave Roe (double bassist for Johnny Cash’s band Tennessee Three).

Burning Condors’ first single "Honey Trap" is an epic, sensual mix of blues and rock ‘n’ roll that will give you goosebumps. Their second single, the double A side “Knockout”/“Riot inthe Streets”, has been recently released and features two complete opposites. “Knockout”, enchanced by a mysterious, film noir atmosphere, adds to their first single’s female evil nature. “Riot in the Streets”, on the other hand, makes reference to the 2011 London riots and expresses their chaos through more thunderous punk guitar and drums:

You can listen to Burning Condors on Soundcloud and buy their new double single on Amazon and iTunes. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter and don’t miss their news!

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